Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quickpage 3093 2012

Quick Page 2009 - a professional development environment of Internet projects using the most modern and latest technologies. Quickpage supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python. Russian language has an intuitive interface and a detailed help system. A number of features and functions that are implemented in the program can significantly ease the development process of any complexity, scope and quality of the web site, and support for the latest web technologies enables a comfortable environment at all stages of development of the site. Key Features: Supports border syntax highlighting for all major languages and syntax of HTML and CSS and server-side scripting languages - PHP, Python, Perl. Capabilities quickly add and edit tags. Auto completion. To find many options and replacing text. Fairly large list of menu commands considerably the search and replace text in the editor easier. Supports the work of the project is a central idea Quickpage. Through the use of the projects you will be able to more effectively work with web pages, scripts and style sheets on your site, the combination of data files in a single project.

Wap Editor 0.7.1 Final

Wap editor - is a convenient, powerful and versatile program for creating WAP sites. Wap Editor supports all the necessary functions for the rich WAP pages, including various wizards and tools to create. Features Wap Editor: Detailed information about the program and the language WML, syntax highlighting, beautiful design, code, test for errors, recording macros create WMLScript; Implemented drag-and-drop simplicity and ease; Rips ANSI UTF-8; wap emulator (correct display) Special tools

Webmastering Journal # 9

Webmastering - o e-zine web mastering and web design for both novice and professional webmasters. Materials in this issue: Web Development News - Flash content "visible." - Published list of 100 Web Studios on real speeds. - Multimedia search becomes intelligent. Article - Games Association. - The geometry of the grid. - Adobe Photoshop. Group Blur filter. WEB MASTERING News - Review of the most useful in the world of web. - Ctartovala Russian online campaign "People's voice." - Saw the Light "1C-Bitrix Site Manager 7.0." - IDC predicts the growth in the number of permanent Internet users. Article - factors that determine the quality, time and cost html layout site. Part 1 - Factors that place the quality, time and cost html layout. Part 2 - 3 challenges faced by each author. - Web-master. Link exchange.